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I updated our fanart section with some beautiful pieces of art featuring Jennifer made by her lovely fans. I’m also going to update out icon archive sometime soon so check back soon and don’t hesitate to send us your own creations.


Artist: Sian

Don’t forget that we are always open for more artwork! There are no good and bad pieces as long as they’re made with love and respect to Jennifer. If you want us to put your artwork here e-mail us!

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Sian found some more outtakes of a photoshoot Jennifer did during 2008. The photos are already in the gallery so go chack them out:


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Director Gary Ross leads MTV News through some of hot topics surrounding the highly anticipated adaptation.

If you thought our “Hunger Games” exclusives would end with the sneak peek Jennifer Lawrence introduced during Sunday’s VMAs, you are in for a pleasant surprise! MTV News teamed up with director Gary Ross in order to shed some insight into the teaser trailer and his vision for the highly anticipated film. And although Ross couldn’t reveal too much about his plans for Katniss and the Capitol, we were able to get him to answer a few burning questions:

What’s the Status of the Score?
“T-Bone [Burnett] and Danny [Elfman] haven’t really started working yet. We’ve all begun working together. We’ve all begun discussing music, pulling references, going through the initial process you go through. Music can actually affect the movie more than anything else. It establishes the tone. It literally can change the way you feel or perceive a movie. That’s a very long discussion that happens between me, T-Bone and Danny, and that’s already begun. Danny was out last week. T-Bone’s been out three times. We’ve begun this conversation of trying to understand what this is musically. But that’s not going to bear fruit for a while.”

How Did Jennifer Train for the Role of Katniss?
“It’s an intensely physical movie. Someone said Jen is in 110 percent of the movie, which is really true. She works every day, all day. It’s a very physically demanding thing that she’s doing. She did train really, really rigorously. She worked with an athletic trainer, someone who conditions athletes in Los Angeles. She had intense archery training. So she’s had a very rigorous athletic conditioning program.”

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Watch as the lovely Jennifer Lawrence is transformed into the scaly blue mutant Mystique, in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video from X-Men: First Class.

In this sneak peek from the special features included inside the movie’s DVD and Blu-Ray release, you can watch a team of 6 make-up artists airbrush on the scaly blue sheath that is Mystique’s very thin costume. We have a hard time imagining standing still for seven hours, only to work a full day on set directly afterwards. Still, we’d argue it was worth it, Raven’s the young blue hide in this 1960s mutant period piece was spectacular.

The DVD for X-Men: First Class will be out on DVD on Friday, September 9th. Watch the video here.


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My friend Christine made two new matching themes for our main site and gallery! As you can see yourselves she is extremely talented and I was really excited too see the final result (which is absolutely stunning imo). I also started working on updating the site’s pages, adding extended info about each of Jen’s projects so check often for new stuff.

Also don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Tumblr!

I’d really love to know what you think of our new design so please share our thoughts with us by leaving a comment.

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I got the high definition version of the “Hunger Games” teaser presentation but the actual trailer is still not good quality. I capped it and added it in the gallery already and if I come across a better version I’ll replace the captures with better ones. For now, enjoy the epicness:


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As we were expecting MTV’s VMAs aired the first “The Hunger Games” Teaser Trailer presented by Jennifer. She unfortunately is too busy filming this movie and she wasn’t able to attend the event. Check the video bellow. Will post a better version plus captures soon:

Sian on August 28th, 2011 0

Don’t forget to tune into the VMA awards tonight were Jennifer and Suzanne Collins will present an exclusive clip of The Hunger Games. Feel free to comment on what you think and maybe what you are most excited for!


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MTV has released another The Hunger Games still from there teaser trailer which is out this Sunday!


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As you all probably know, at the VMA’s Jennifer will be introducing a teaser trailer for The Hunger Games, along side the author Suzanne Collins. MTV news has now released a new image! I haven’t yet put it in the gallery yet but they are here:

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There’s a new promo trailer for the “Hunger Games” Skeak Peek that we’ll have the chance to watch at VMAs:

Sian on August 24th, 2011 0

The Toronto International Film Festival is going to show three screening of Like Crazy, where Jennifer plays the character Sam. She also co-stars with her The Beaver co-star, Anton Yelchin who is also among the possible guests as well as Felicity Jones and the director  Drake Doremus.

Tuesday September 13

Wednesday September 14

Saturday September 17
Scotiabank Theatre 1


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This Sunday, at the VMAs, Jennifer Lawrence will present an exclusive look at The Hunger Games! MTV announced the news today and also for those who are unable to watch the VMAs, the clip or trailer will be on MTVs website!

Fans beside themselves waiting for the first footage of The Hunger Games movie can now set their sights on a date. The first footage of the movie will debut live at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday! With Jennifer Lawrence herself to introduce the footage, this will mark the first time we’ve seen her in public since filming began.

Those of you unable to watch the VMAs locally will be able to watch the clip exclusively on MTV.com.


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I updated the gallery with some sets of Jennifer appearances during 2010-2011 that we were missing:


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Hollywoodcrush.mtv.com has released an article on the type of songs that they would like too see in The Hunger Games. Please keep in mind that the article is just for fun.

The Baker Boy’s Lament
A ballad, sung by Peeta, in which he compares his love for Katniss to the burning, fiery heat of a thousand brick ovens. Features such emotionally wrenching lyrics as, “My heart’s a loaf, burned black and gray/I’ll feed it to the Mockingjay!”

Cato and Clove’s Polka of Murder
The disturbing nature of the film’s more graphic scenes will be tempered by this upbeat musical celebration of expert killing, featuring whimsical accordion riffs and a big oompah-oompah band.

The Ballad of Haymitch Abernathy
A rowdy drinking song by the movie’s favorite drunkard, with lyrics that grow progressively raunchier as Haymitch continues to imbibe. Fortunately for all involved, Haymitch passes out in a pool of his own vom before the words reach unprintable levels of filth.


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