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2014 Oct 05

New Themes!

Hey everyone! We have beautiful new themes here and in the gallery made by the very talented Ray from Oh My Morning. Hope you like it!


2013 Nov 09

New Theme!

Hello everyone!

We have a brand new theme thanks to Kaci. Hope you like it!

I’ll be working on getting the site up-to-date!

Jennifer Lawrence v2

2013 Feb 12

New Owner, New Layout & Updates

Hello everyone! My name is Annie and I’m the new owner of Jennifer Lawrence Network. I’m currently updating the site and launching a brand new gallery.

We have a new Twitter: @JenLawrenceNetw and a new Facebook:

Gallery has been almost fully updated, many older lower quality have been replace with high quality. Many magazines and new photoshoots also. Enjoy!

2012 Jan 24

Introduction & Huge Gallery Update

Hi everyone! My name is Marica and I will be helping Fram and Sian with the site. You might know me from Rachel and Puck Online and MAD – Online. I’m a big fan of Jennifer and I hope you guys will enjoy my contribution to this fabulous site.

I updated the gallery with over 400 HQ pics from the 84th Academy Awards Nominations Announcement and replaced some of the MQ pics with HQs. Enjoy!

2011 Dec 24

Merry Christmas!

Here in the UK, its only twenety minutes to midnight so I thought I’d come on here and wish you all a Merry Christmas from the staff here at Jennifer Lawrence Network!

2011 Nov 28

Sorry for the slow updates!

Sorry for the slow updates, I need to upload quite a bit to the gallery but I haven’t got the log in details yet, so please bear with me and hopefully there will be a huge gallery update soon!

2011 Aug 30

New Design: Version 4.0

My friend Christine made two new matching themes for our main site and gallery! As you can see yourselves she is extremely talented and I was really excited too see the final result (which is absolutely stunning imo). I also started working on updating the site’s pages, adding extended info about each of Jen’s projects so check often for new stuff.

Also don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Tumblr!

I’d really love to know what you think of our new design so please share our thoughts with us by leaving a comment.

2011 Jun 17

New Layout

Thanks to talented Tran, we have a fresh look for our main site! The main photo used for the header is my favorite of the Asos photoshoot! Also, the colors are perfect as it’s summer. Hope you like it.

2011 Apr 01

New Layout & Updates Coming

I’m really sorry for the lack of updates but I’ve been extremely busy the past couple of weeks. I updated the site with a brand new layout and I’ve started collecting the events I missed to fill the gallery so stay tunned. Also, I’m gonna add soon a farart section to the site which will feature YOUR work. If you have some Jennifer fanart that you want us to feature feel free to contact us.

2011 Jan 14

Grand Opening

Kimberly just finished our gallery theme and I’m ready to officially open Jennifer Lawrence Network to public! Gallery is not fully completed yet but I’ll be adding pics while updating with the latest Jennifer news.

Make sure to visit ofter to get your daily dose of Jen!

2011 Jan 10

Jennifer Lawrence Network!

A couple of months ago I started checking films that were rumored to be in the “big” nominations and came over Winter’s Bone. I was amazed by that girls performance and checked IMDB. Checking her filmography I realized she was in a couple of film I watched and loved (The Burning Plain & The Poker House). So I started collection information about her, watched a couple of interviews in youtube and I absolutely adored her!

That’s why I decided to open this site. I believe Jennifer is a very good actress and has much more to show us. I’ll try to make this site the ultimate source for everything related to Jennifer Lawrence so be sure to check back for you dayily Jeniffer dose.