2011 Dec 22

Evan Peters: ‘Jennifer Lawrence is a total fox’

Evan Peters, who you may recognize from the  TV show American Horror Story. Well, Evan Peters was close in the running for Peeta (Now played by Josh Hutcherson) and in his interview with Vulture, he talks about auditioning with Jennifer!

You tested for the role of Peeta in Hunger Games, right?
I did, yeah. That was really cool; I got to do a scene with Jennifer Lawrence. I was nervous as hell, because she’s such a fantastic actress. And the movie is such a great story — I love all those books. I can’t wait to see the movie. I’m so psyched.

Have you seen the trailer?
Yeah, it looks amazing. And I love Jennifer Lawrence. She’s a total fox. And such a good actress. It’s ridiculous.

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