Site History

Site History:

10.01.2011: A couple of months ago I started checking films that were rumored to be in the “big” nominations and came over Winter’s Bone. I was amazed by that girls performance and checked IMDB. Checking her filmography I realized she was in a couple of film I watched and loved (The Burning Plain & The Poker House). So I started collection information about her, watched a couple of interviews in youtube and I absolutely adored her!

Important Dates:

2011, January 10th: Domain purchased and site was set up.
2011, January 14th: First open to public.

Why Jennifer:

I decided to open this site for Jennifer cause I believe she is a very good actress and has much more to show us. This is just the beginnig of many more amazing performances of her to come in the future. She is really beautiful and I love the way she makes simplicity looks gorgeous.

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