2011 May 12

Fan Questions Answered by Jennifer

Q: Sean
How does Mystique differ from the one in the other films?


This is when she’s younger, so we see her grow from an insecure, curious girl into the strong powerful woman we know so well.

Q: Jill
Other than the make-up, what was the most difficult part of filming X-Men First Class?


There was a constant concern of making sure I didn’t do anything to disappoint the huge fan base.

Q: Dena
What is the most fun about playing Mystique?

Once the makeup was on, I was a walking piece of art. The paint really is fascinating and beautiful.

Q: Chris
What aspect of Mystique’s character did you want to convey the most?


Her strength and attitude. It was something Raven had to grow into but I think it’s the most important thing about my character.

Q: Dalibor
What did you do to acquire Mystique’s philosophy and portray her character in the movie?


I tried to understand her and learn as much as I could from the comic books.

Q: Perry
What do you think you have in common with this complicated and charming character?


I think we’re both learning to accept ourselves in these very strange lives we’re living.

Q: Anonymous
I know that this is a prequel movie but, I was wanting to know if we will see you in any fight sequences?


Absolutely! She may be young but she’s still a badass.

Q: Kristian
What can we expect from Mystique in this movie? In the trailer she seems childlish and like a romantic girl, very different from what we have seen on the original trilogy.


She does start out like a romantic insecure girl, but she grows into herself, and finds her confidence and attitude.