2012 Feb 26

Jennifer on the cover of Glamour UK

As the leading lady in Hollywood’s next series of teen blockbuster movies, Jennifer Lawrence is about to become one of the world’s hottest stars.

But although she’s an all-American girl, the 21-year-old has admitted she’s in love with all things British – and that includes her boyfriend, the About A Boy actor Nicholas Hoult.

The Kentucky-born actress says: ‘British men have these wonderful manners, and everything they say is funnier just because of the accent.

There’s this cute “I’m trying to be adorable because I know you’re mad at me” accent, and then the drunk accent where all the consonants have vanished.’

It must be the accent which helped her fall for 22-year-old Hoult – whom she met on the set of X Men: First Class – as she adds: ‘I don’t find myself attracted to actors, which is a weird thing to say when you’re dating one.’

Lawrence is still a relative unknown in the UK, despite her best actress Oscar nomination for her role in A Winter’s Bone.

But The Hunger Games – a trilogy set in a post-apocalyptic future in which youngsters fight to the death on TV – is set to change all that, with expectations it could even eclipse the global success of the Twilight series.
‘I love the relaxed way British girls dress. I think I dress like one,’ she said. ‘I like Topshop, Portobello Road and Selfridges – although I always get Selfridges and Waitrose mixed up, which has led to a few disappointing shopping trips.’

But the former H&M model might have trouble making incognito high street shopping trips if she becomes as famous as Twilight star Kristen Stewart.

‘I look at Kristen Stewart now and I think, “I’d never want to be that famous”,’ she says. ‘I can’t imagine how I’d feel if all of a sudden my life was pandemonium.

‘But I love my job. I can take months off, and I get a lot of money – way more money than any 21-year-old should have – so what is there really to complain about?’

Source: Dailymail.co.uk