2011 Sep 12

The Silver Linings Play Book; Tucker’s talking

There has been a little more information on Jennifer’s up coming movie; The Silver Linings Play Book . It talk briefly about what will be happening in the movie and that Robert De Niro is set to star in the movie as well.

 Chris Tucker hasn’t made a movie in four years, but he might be starring alongside Louisville native Jennifer Lawrence soon.

The “Rush Hour 3” actor (his last film, in 2007) is in talks for a role in “The Silver Linings Playbook,” according to MovieWeb.com.
The film stars “The Hangover” hottie Bradley Cooper as a former high school teacher who is committed to an institution for depression. When he gets out, he tries to win his ex-wife back but ends up falling for his neighbor, played by Lawrence.Robert De Niro also stars in the flick, set for release in 2013.