2011 Sep 11

Lucas Till ‘I have so much respect for Jennifer’

Last night was the X Men First Class Blu Ray launch party in which hitfix caught up with Lucas Till (Havok/Alex Summers); Jennifer’s co-star. Lucas shared with hitfx on how he almost missed out on starring in X Men First Class because of the thought that he was to be offered beast and couldn’t endure the hours of make up that Jennifer had to do to get into her role of Mystique.

“They could’ve been trying to goof me or whatever… I went out, and they were flying me to London, and [they] told me I was auditioning for Havok and Beast,” Lucas shared. “And I was like, ‘I know you’ll kill me, but if I get Beast, I’m not in the movie. I’m not going through that makeup everyday.’”

He added, “I have so much respect for Jason [Flemying], Jennifer [Lawrence], and Nick [Hoult]. They had to go through like hours of makeup before we even got there. It’s just rough.”

Don’t forget to order you X Men: First Class DVD or Blur Ray copy here but if your visiting this site from the UK; please remember that X Men:First Class comes out for you guys on the 31st October.