2011 Jun 06

Jennifer Whip MTV News Reporter Into Shape

MTV News’ own Josh Horowitz is an old pro at interviewing celebs… or is he?! Not according to Jennifer Lawrence, who crashed the private office of our go-to on-camera personality and made him into her own personal object of torture makeover project. Just in time for the MTV Movie Awards, of course.

“Walk with me,” Jennifer commands, before blasting Josh in the face with bronzer (“Television audiences only trust people with natural phosphorescent orangey bronze skin. Trust me!”) and then destroying his spectacles with a single stomp.

“I can’t see without them!” Josh protests, but Jennifer’s not having it.

“Mario Lopez is legally blind and that’s never stopped him!” she shouts. “Glasses OFF!”

And it doesn’t end there. Whisking our slightly sandblasted-looking reporter into a pair of studio chairs, Jennifer demands that he interview her… no, wait! Not that way!

“Entertainment reporters ask hard-hitting questions. Who are you dating! What are you wearing! GO!” she demands. (But only so that she can follow by protesting: “I don’t want to talk about my personal life!”)

We’re not sure whether this slap-dash info session improved Josh’s celeb-questioning game (or, um, his skin tone), but hey, whatever Jennifer Lawrence wants, Jennifer Lawrence gets.