2011 Apr 30

Mark Townsend: “How to get Jennifer’s hair look”

After dazzling on the red carpet at this year’s Academy Awards, Oscar-nominated Jennifer Lawrence is all Seventeen can talk about! Between the huge announcement of her starring role in the movie version of The Hunger Games and her so-gorgeous-you-should-be-jealous golden locks, Seventeen had to find out how to get her look. In an exclusive interview, Dove Celebrity Stylist Mark Townsend revealed how to get the new starlet’s glam tresses:

What’s the secret to getting Jennifer’s look?

Jennifer’s blessed with very thick hair. The biggest secret that I have is hot rollers. That’s what I use to get all the fullness in her hair. I use the one-inch rollers on her.

What’s your technique as far as hot rolling goes?

The biggest thing is to put the roller at the scalp and then wrap the hair around it, instead of rolling up. Wrap it all the way from the root, that way you’ll get so much more volume out of it. But it’s like eight to ten rollers for the whole head. Keep them in there just about 15 minutes, to let it cool, because that’s when the hair actually changes: as it’s cooling. Then take the rollers out and brush through. It’s really simple.

Do you add product before or after you curl the hair?

I think making sure that hair is healthy and shiny starts when you’re in the shower. Make sure you’re using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair texture. And if you have some damage, make sure you’re using the right conditioners. After that, I start every blow dry off with Dove’s Nourishing Oil Care Antifrizz Serum. And because it absorbs into the hair so fast, you can layer your styling product on right after. Personally, I love mousse. I’ve been a big fan of mousse. It has this reputation of making hair crunchy, but it really doesn’t—it gives the hair so much body.

What’s the best way to apply mousse?

A good, heaping mound. Again, it shouldn’t make your hair crunchy at all.

Do you spray anything to finish?

I like Dove’s flexible hairspray. I spray it on a flat brush and brush it through the hair after I’ve pulled the rollers out. That way, the product is sure to get all over. It gives the hair a little but of memory, but it’s not stiff. It’s really soft and comfortable.

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