2011 Feb 03

The Poker House Photos

Keep filling the gallery, this time with Jennifer’s film “The Poker House”:

Lori Petty tells her life through her character Agnes. Agnes is a 14 year old girl, an aspiring basketball player with straight As. She has 2 younger sisters which she tries to protect from the life her mother leads. Her mom is a prostitute who brings home different men every night. Her pimp comes in and smacks her around to get the money out of her and she takes it because she is in love with her. To earn extra money the two older girls have jobs. Agnes works at a pizza place as well as a newspaper as she is an aspiring writer. Bee, the middle sister delivers papers in the morning. The baby tries to sleep over at her friends house because her friend has food. The three struggling children try and make ends meet with the only father type figure being their mother’s pimp. The pimp ultimately rapes Agnes on her living room floor.