2011 Jan 28

Oscars mean “dressing for a billion” people

Jennifer Lawrence woke up this morning and drove to her parents house in Santa Monica, Calif., to watch the Oscar nomination announcements on TV. “Some of my friends came over and my brother was there and we just screamed at the TV for a little bit,” Lawrence 20, told USA TODAY’s Carol Memmott, after she heard she got a nod for her work in Winter’s Bone.

The film has gotten lots of praise since it was released last year but Lawrence says she was still shocked by the best picture nomination. “It’s the only thing that really brings tears to my eyes. To think that we were working on this tiny movie. It was freezing cold and all of us were sick. And this was a tiny little movie but we were all there because we believed in it.” She adds, “I never imagined it and that’s what gives me goose bumps.”

Lawrence says she’s nothing like Ree, the character she plays in the film. “Fortunately our lives aren’t really comparable at all and I don’t share a lot of the traits that she has, but I did bring my stubbornness to her.”

She attended the Golden Globes with her parents and will most likely bring them to the Oscars as well.

As for what she’ll wear, she doesn’t know yet “but now I know it’s so scary. For the Golden Globes you get so excited. You get to dress like a princess and dress so beautifully and then by the end of all the fittings it’s like ‘gosh put me in something black that no one will make fun of me for’. There are so many different opinions and you start not trusting your own because it’s the world that’s going to be seeing it. You’re dressing for a billion different people.”

Next for the actress? Lawrence says “nothing’s technically green lit yet. I’m in talks for some stuff but nothing official yet” when asked about the next film she’ll be making. But she does have two films coming out soon: The Beaver in April and X-Men: First Class in June which she says “was fun. It was really cool. I had a blast.”