2010 Appearances

I keep filling the gallery with more and more pics. Here are the pics from Jen’s public appearances in year 2010:


2009 Appearances


Gallery Set Up

Gallery is all set up  and I starting filling it with Jen’s photos. I’ve already added 2007 and 2008 public appearances.


Jennifer Lawrence Network!

A couple of months ago I started checking films that were rumored to be in the “big” nominations and came over Winter’s Bone. I was amazed by that girls performance and checked IMDB. Checking her filmography I realized she was in a couple of film I watched and loved (The Burning Plain & The Poker House). So I started collection information about her, watched a couple of interviews in youtube and I absolutely adored her!

That’s why I decided to open this site. I believe Jennifer is a very good actress and has much more to show us. I’ll try to make this site the ultimate source for everything related to Jennifer Lawrence so be sure to check back for you dayily Jeniffer dose.

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