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Jennifer Lawrence in Rome

One week and approximately a billion media questions about her haircut later, Jennifer Lawrence is still on the Catching Fire promotion circuit. The reigning best-actress-Oscar winner has circled the globe as part of her contractual obligations to the Hunger Games sequel, out tomorrow, and while visibly fatigued, Lawrence is still somehow eking out new endearing anecdotes, just at a slightly reduced pace.

The revelations made during this week’s press rounds:

The one person Lawrence would totally freak out over meeting is Bill Murray.

She has already freaked out over meeting Jeff Bridges and Jack Nicholson.

She will go to the mat for any secondary after-school activity that is not officially considered a sport.

When one of her fellow cast members, off track from a question, mentioned that synchronized swimming is not a sport, Lawrence jumped in defensively. “I was a cheerleader, and I don’t like it when people said that wasn’t a sport,” Lawrence said. “I can understand what you are insinuating with the synchronized-swimming thing, and let me tell you, they are athletes!”

If a complete stranger asks to be her best friend, she will not immediately say no.

One junket reporter dared to ask both the actress and Hutcherson point-blank whether they would be her best friends. While Hutcherson laughed off the question, Lawrence barely hesitated in responding, “What’s your favorite channel on TV?” Unfortunately, the Clevver News interviewer and potential B.F.F. failed the pop quiz by answering “the Travel Channel.”

After Lawrence laughed derisively, immediately dismissing the potential relationship, the journalist managed to regain footing by offering both actors candy bracelets that she had in an unmarked envelope. “We can be best friends now,” Lawrence conceded, taking the bribe. After gnawing through the entire bracelet during their brief interview, Lawrence promised her new B.F.F. that she would hold onto the saliva-covered string as a token of their fleeting best-friendship.

When asked what kind of product she would like to see her face on, as part of Hunger Games franchising, Jennifer Lawrence has a very practical answer.

After Hutcherson beat her to “toilet paper,” Lawrence said, “paper towels, because those are one of those things you’re are always so grateful to see, like wash rags . . . ’cause you are always out of paper towels. No one thinks to buy them.”

If you are a paparazzi, never ever bring a date on your J.Law-tracking mission.

After telling a horrific story about a Prius-driving paparazzo who brought along his girlfriend to hound Lawrence all day in her neighborhood, and how they flicked off the actress, she revealed that she has a revenge plan the next time she sees him: “I am going to bring him a cup of coffee with some antifreeze in it.”

Accuse Jennifer Lawrence of being whatever you want—just not a bad kisser.

“You’ve never complained about slobber in any other kissing scene!” Lawrence yelled at Josh at the insinuation that she slobbered on her co-star in any scene aside from the one she admitted accidentally slobbered on him. “I am not a wet kisser. That is gross. I would never be a swamp kisser, ever. Ever!’
Jennifer Lawrence once almost flipped out on Josh Hutcherson’s mother for not fulfilling her pizza delivery duties.
The most exciting moment, for Lawrence at least, occurred during an AOL conversation yesterday with her co-stars Josh Hutcherson, Jena Malone, and Sam Claflin. As she powered through repetitive fan inquiries, something caused the actress to recall a pizza-related incident that occurred in Lawrence’s downtime with Hutcherson on location in Hawaii. Readers, the two Catching Fire leads related this story with more vigor, enthusiasm, and eventually post-traumatic anger than they had summoned in all junket interviews combined. It was as if they were recounting a tale of finding buried treasure after years of searching, only to realize that the treasure was some desert mirage.

As is my duty as VF.com’s primary J.Law archivist, I’ve transcribed the anecdote in full below.

Jennifer, randomly: Remember when your mom didn’t order that pizza that one time, and I was so mad?

Josh: [You were so angry that] you had to walk away. . . . So we were at a house that we had over in Hawaii. We were all going out on this little adventure in kayaks from my house across the ocean to these other small islands. . .

Jennifer: It was 45 minutes there, and 45 minutes back.

Josh: My mom said for us to call her when we . . .

Jennifer: . . . got to the island . . .

Josh: . . . because she is going to order pizza that takes 45 minutes [to make and deliver].

Jennifer: So by the time we get back . . . the pizza is there.

Josh: So we paddle all the way back and literally the only thing that is keeping us going is . . .

Jennifer: . . . we’re all chanting, “Pizza, pizza!”

Josh: . . . and then we get [home], and the pizza has not even been ordered.

Jennifer: I’m like, [in angry giant voice] “Where is the pizza?!’’

Josh: She said, “Oh, want me to order it?”

Jennifer: I was like [mimes walking away], “Yoga breathing, yoga breathing.”


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Pictures from the Rome Premiere, Photocall and Press Conference at the 8th Rome Film Festival, promoting The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, thanks Claudia:

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Pictures from the Madrid Premiere:

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It’s time for Madrid Promotion, here are pictures from the photocall earlier today:

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When we first met Mystique in Bryan Singer’s X-Men film from 2000, the character portrayed by Rebecca Romijn, she was very much a full-fledged villain. A close confidant of Sir Ian McKellen’s Magneto, she used her incredible morphing ability and crazy martial arts skills to help the Brotherhood of Mutants end the reign of the human race on Earth and help Homo superior take over. This, however, was not the case when the character was played by Jennifer Lawrence in Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class. Almost like a sister to James McAvoy’s Charles Xavier, Mystique fought for the good guys until the very end of the film when she changed teams. Still, the character has a long journey ahead of her, and a big part of that journey will be played out in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Currently out and about promoting the soon-to-be-released The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Lawrence recently sat down for a chat with IGN, and during the interview she spilled a few previously unknown details about the next X-Men movie. Asked about where we find Mystique in the new film, which is set 10 years after First Class, the Oscar-winning actress said,

[su_quote]“We find Raven, she’s split off from Eric and Charles and she’s kind of her own agent. She has one mission of trying to assassinate somebody and it will be her first kill basically, and because we’ve seen her in the future and what she becomes and this is kind of a turning point for her.”[/su_quote]

The word “assassinate” likely starts ringing all kinds of alarm bells for the comic book fans out there. In the original story, created by writer/artist team Chris Claremont, John Byrne and Terry Austin back in 1980, the reason one of the X-Men has to travel back in time from the future is to stop – you guessed it – an assassination from occurring. In the film it will be Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine who has his consciousness sent back in time, but this is the first time that we’ve heard about his potential target.

Given the amount of clout that Lawrence brings to the table, we can likely expect that X-Men: Days of Future Past will have plenty of action for fans of the young actress, and you can tell that from the trailer alone given how much screen time she gets.

Singer first time directing an X-Men movie since X2, Days of Future Past stars all of the actors mentioned above as well as Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult, Sir Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Shawn Ashmore, Ellen Page, Daniel Cudmore, Adam Canto, Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Booboo Stewart, Evan Peters, Josh Helman, and Fan Bing Bing. 20th Century Fox will have the movie in theaters on May 23, 2014.


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Source: IGN

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Now it’s time for the Berlin Premiere pictures for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire:

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire world premiere was today in London, here are pictures:

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Hey everyone! I’ve added pictures from the press conference, thanks Claudia

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Jen attended An Evening With David O. Russell by AFI Festival, here are pictures:

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Pictures from last week’s Yahoo! and Tumblr Q&A for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire:

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Jennifer covers the December issue of InStyle USA Magazine, here are scans via FSR and the behind scenes videos, plus caps from it. Enjoy!

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Big update with magazines and photoshoots!

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Now some updates on X-Men: Days Of Future Past:

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Yesterday, universally beloved actress Jennifer Lawrence appeared on the publicity circuit to chat about Hunger Games: Catching Fire, unveil a brand new punk-pixie coiffure, and further endear herself to the universe with a new batch of lovably unpretentious anecdotes.

Among them: that her decision to chop off her hair was motivated not by vanity but by excessive dye damage and the fact that her hair simply, as she said, “couldn’t get any uglier.” “It grew to an awkward, gross length,” Lawrence told Yahoo C.E.O. Marissa Mayer during a panel discussion, “and I kept putting it back in a bun, and I was like, ‘I don’t want to do this,’ so I just cut it off.”

Lawrence also took the time to reassure concerned Hunger Games fans: “This isn’t how Katniss is going to look in the next movies; I’m wearing a wig for filming.”

Other endearing J.Law anecdotes from yesterday’s press rounds:

If Lawrence had to pick an alternate career, she’d choose “hotel maid” . . .

“. . . because I really like to clean and also look through people’s stuff. And it’s always like new people every day. . . And I would like to think a nurse or a doctor because I’ve always been interested in the human body and everything gross. But I don’t think I could make it through school. But if I could just show up, then a nurse or a doctor.”

She really enjoyed her wetsuit scenes in Catching Fire for T.M.I. reasons.

“Josh [Hutcherson] and I could just swim in the water or, like, pee any time you want[ed]. Anytime you have to pee, you can just run right in the water. It was amazing.”

On the flip side, she did not enjoy wearing the couture wedding gown in Catching Fire.

Since it required her to relieve herself in a bucket between takes. “That’s hard to do when you can’t see.”

Lawrence thinks she has a hideous crying face.

After watching Catching Fire, she thought to herself, “‘Oh my God. You have to find a prettier crying face. You need to keep it together.’ I’m going to try to do more crying where it’s, like, beautiful tears falling down my face and not changing anything, instead of [scrunching] this face.”

Hunger Games: Catching Fire director Francis Lawrence forced her to try Spam sushi during filming in Hawaii, and it was disgusting.

The mojitos at her hotel, she revealed, were amazing, though.

Jennifer Lawrence is really jealous that Josh Hutcherson was Punk’d by MTV.

She had no idea that Punk’d was even still on the air, but now that she knows, she would really like to be targeted by the MTV show.

She once forfeited her chance to work on a great movie on behalf of Amanda Seyfried.

She said that she read a comedy script that she absolutely loved once, but she couldn’t stop thinking about Amanda Seyfried in the role. So instead of auditioning, she called the producers and said they should hire Seyfried.

Lawrence lost her hearing while filming Catching Fire.

“I went deaf in one ear for months. . . . But that wasn’t actually physically challenging. It was just ear challenging because I got all of these ear infections from the diving and the water and all of that stuff. And then a jet from one of the cornucopia scenes punctured my eardrum.”

One actor continually tells her to return her Oscar.

Every time Lawrence flubbed her lines during shooting, her Catching Fire co-star Woody Harrelson would crack, “Well, you better give that Oscar back.”

It would take a lot to get her to play Fantasy Football.

“You’d have to teach me how to use a computer. Then you’d have to teach me about football. And then you’d have to tie me down and force my eyeballs open.”

Her deepest, darkest concern about fame:

“I guess my main worry is that people will start hating what I hate about myself. I worry that everybody will think I am really annoying and just want me to shut up. Which would make so much sense because I annoy myself . . . I guess I want people to know that if they are annoyed with me, I get it, it’s totally cool. Please forgive me.”


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