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Behind the scenes of her cover shoot with Patrick Demarchelier, Jennifer Lawrence—still in her dramatic smoky-eye makeup—sat down to talk to senior West Coast editor Krista Smith about some of her famous favorite topics: snack foods, reality TV, and her surprising resistance to social media. “I have 112 unread e-mails,” she tells Smith, holding up her phone, then joking, “I don’t want anyone to talk to me, ever.” Source

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A Clip from Conan O’Brien

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Here’s a Preview of Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2013, which airs wednesday at 9:30 p.m. ET Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. Jennifer Lawrence said ”it should be illegal” to call someone fat and, in an interview with Barbara Walters, railed against people who bash the way women look. “Because why is humiliating people funny?” the 23-year-old Oscar winner told Walters in an interview

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The Oscar winner is earning raves again for playing a demented housewife. EW YORK — Work can be your salvation, your port in a mad, mad celebrity storm. Just ask Jennifer Lawrence, who finds solace and consistency on movie sets, surrounded by people who don’t care about her latest sultry Dior ads, or whether her new haircut is too extreme. “Nobody treats you any differently. They see celebrities all the

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Franchises and awards aside, the 23-year-old actress craves a life away from the red carpet. NEW YORK — Behind the clever banter and disarming repartee, beyond the glamorous red-carpet Dior gowns, in a private dining room on the second floor of a downtown hotel, her loafer-clad feet kicked up behind her, sits the real Jennifer Lawrence. And all this actress wants, right now, is a Corona. Or an Amstel Light.

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Jennifer Lawrence has been chosen as one of 2013 Most Fascinating People by Barbara Walters. The interview airs on December 18th, 2013.

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Jennifer was at the Good Morning America this morning, here are some stills and candids from her arriving at the studio: Gallery Links: Events & Appearances > 2013 > Candids at Good Morning America – November 21 2013 Events & Appearances > 2013 > Good Morning America – Stills – November 21 2013

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Jennifer was at the Late Show with David Letterman last night, here are Clips, Stills and Candids: Gallery Links: Events & Appearances > 2013 > Candids at Late Show with David Letterman – November 20th 2013 Events & Appearances > 2013 > Late Show with David Letterman – Stills – November 21 2013

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Source: IGN

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Here are some interviews:

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From budgets and salaries, to the accident that sent star Jennifer Lawrence to the hospital, the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter features director Gary Ross and never-revealed details about the fast-approaching pop culture phenomenon, in theaters March 23. The first of four parts in Suzanne Collins‘ massively popular book series The Hunger Games, about two dozen children randomly chosen to compete for survival, opens March 23 on more than

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Director Gary Ross leads MTV News through some of hot topics surrounding the highly anticipated adaptation. If you thought our “Hunger Games” exclusives would end with the sneak peek Jennifer Lawrence introduced during Sunday’s VMAs, you are in for a pleasant surprise! MTV News teamed up with director Gary Ross in order to shed some insight into the teaser trailer and his vision for the highly anticipated film. And although

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Jennifer Lawrence: In ‘Mockingjay’ I get to be Joan of Arc! I first met Jennifer Lawrence in June 2010. At the time, her movie “Winter’s Bone” was a critical smash but the spotlight that comes along with Oscar nominations & major movie casting had yet to find her. But let me tell you, one year later — after all the red carpet hoopla, “X-Men: First Class” attention and “Hunger Games”

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I found a couple new photos of Jennifer in “X-Men: First Class”: [x001] Movies – 2011: X-Men: First Class – Stills [x001] Movies – 2011: X-Men: First Class – Promotional photoshoot Also, here is another interview of Jen: Jennifer Lawrence: The next big thing She’s only 20 and already has an Oscar nomination to her name. Now Jennifer Lawrence stars as a blue mutant in X-Men and a teen warrior

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“I’m at the Jimmy Fallon dressing room. I was just saying good-bye to my entourage.” Jennifer Lawrence is on the phone, explaining why there is so much commotion in the background as we attempt to begin a brief interview. She says the word entourage in a way that implies air quotes; Lawrence, 20, doesn’t seem like the type to take the concept of Hollywood posses seriously. But at the least,

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