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First “The Hunger Games” UK Premiere HQs

More photos are already in the gallery including the first HQs and some beautiful portraits of our beautiful young lady. Stay tuned for more.


“The Hunger Games” UK Premiere

Jennifer just walked the red carpet of the European Premiere of “The Hunger Games” held in London. You can check some first photos of her in our gallery. I’ll post pics as they come out so get ready for many HQs soon.


“The Hunger Games” World Premiere

“The Hunger Games” premiere took place at at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles yesterday and of course Jennifer didn’t miss it! She looked stunning walking the black carpet wearinga gold Prabal Gurung dress with Jimmy Choo shoes and Jacob & Co. black diamond earrings. Check bellow tons of HQs (more to come soon as we just run out of space while uploading the photos):



Jennifer and The Hunger Games fetured in Cineworld Magazine

Jennifer is on the cover of Cineworld’s Unlimited Digital magazine available for free for Unlimited card holders. The Hunger Games is the film of the month and it has some un-tagged promotional pictures of Jennifer in The Hunger Games.







The Hunger Games: Clip 1 ‘Private Training’

I have added the screen captures to the first ‘Hunger Games’ clip to our gallery.







The Hunger Games ‘Katniss and Cinna’ clip

There was a new clip released  couple of days ago but due to technical difficulties we can not post it but Sophie has screen caped the clips for us.










New Katniss Promotional!

Our reader Sophie had sent in a promotional picture from Jennifer’s new movie (out in 16 days) The Hunger Games

Glamour US Photoshoot

Like the Glamour UK Photo shoot, Jennifer had covered Glamour US Magazine and I have uploaded the pictures to the gallery.








Glamour UK Magazine

A few days ago I had uploaded a photoshoot that Jennifer did for Glamour UK Magazine this year so check them out, they are in the gallery.








Thank you to Sophie who sent the pictures in!

Seventeen Magazine Photoshoot

I have uploaded the photos from Jennifer’s photoshoot with Seventeen Magazine

“The Hunger Games” Mexico Rally

Jennifer and Liam continuing “Hunger Games” Mexico promotion attended “The Hunger Games” rally at Six Flags in Mexico City last Thursday:



“Hunger Games” Stills Updates

I found more stills of Jennifer in “The Hunger Games” and updated our gallery with some brand new and replaced some of the crappy ones we had with better quality versions.


“The Hunger Games” Mexico City Photocall

Jennifer and Liam traveled to Mexico City for a “Hunger Games” promotional photocall. Jennifer looked amazing in a simple red dress and with her hair closer to her natural color again. You can check the first pictures of them in our gallery:


“The Hunger Games” BTS Photos

I updated the gallery with two photos of Jennifer behind the scenes of “The Hunger Games” plus another outtake of The Hollywood Reporter photoshoot:


Many More “Hunger Games” Stills

I found a bunch of brand new stills of Jennifer as Katniss Everdeen in “The Hunger Games”. I also updated some stills we already had with better quality ones:


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