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Scans Added

Back on adding older stuff in the gallery I uploaded all scans of Jennifer I could find. There are sets from 2008 to 2010. Credit for all 2008 scans and 2010 Esquire ones goes to

If you have a magazine with Jen that’s not already in the gallery, we’d love it if you could scan it and send it to us at All donations will 100% credited and appreciated!


Critics’ Choice Awards

Jennifer attended Critics’ Choice awards yesterday. She looked absolutely stunning and talked about her Golden Globes dress:

“Today I was doing Globes fittings,” the Winter’s Bone star told USA TODAY’s Andrea Mandell on the Critics’ Choice Awards red carpet. “I tried on about three dresses. My stylist knows she’s got about three to four dresses she can put me in before I’m like ‘Argh, I gotta get outta here!'”

But the budding fashionista says she knew her Globes dress when she saw it. “It was the one that I tried on during the second fitting that we saw on the rack, and everyone made fun of it. And I was the one that said to put it on. And I put it on everyone goes: ‘Oh! That’s amazing!’ That’s the first time I’ve ever been proud of a fashion decision,” she told us.

Any hints on what the dress looks like? “Well…it’s long and it’s dark,” she teases.

Here are some pics of her and also some from her attending AFI awards:


Recent Events

The past couple of days Jennifer attended some awards galas and parties:


Winter’s Bone Captures

I just capped Jennifer in Winter’s Bone and uploaded promotional stills and posters of the film as well:


2010 Appearances

I keep filling the gallery with more and more pics. Here are the pics from Jen’s public appearances in year 2010:


2009 Appearances


Gallery Set Up

Gallery is all set up  and I starting filling it with Jen’s photos. I’ve already added 2007 and 2008 public appearances.


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