Why was Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique so divisive?

Despite Jennifer Lawrence’s performances as Mystique in the recent X-Men movies being amongst some of her most high profile cinematic outings, it’s also brought her no shortage of abuse from some of the darker corners of the internet.

After acclaimed performances in movies such as 2008’s Poker House and 2010’s Winter’s Bone, Lawrence came to the attention of Marvel Entertainment who cast her in the role of a younger Mystique in a prequel to the popular X-Men series.

Although Rebecca Romijn’s prior performances as Mystique gathered her plenty of admirers as a result of her chilling portrayal of the blue-skinned mutant, it was Lawrence’s tough task to imbue the character with a younger and more three-dimensional character.

Mystique’s powerful on-screen presence helped the character become one of the most celebrated characters of the movie franchise with everything from toy figures to console games featuring the shape-shifting character.

It’s all part of Marvel’s bid to become one of the biggest entertainment brands on the planet who’ve hoped that Lawrence’s star power would help make big money at the box office, and help the brand cement their gaming legacy with the likes of X-Men: Destiny for PlayStation and Xbox, Uncanny X-Men for iOS and Android devices. Furthermore the X-Men even feature in a Marvel roulette slots game that features amongst the wide selection of casino games available at Coral which shows just how popular this franchise has become.

Despite Lawrence delivering some incredibly strong performances, these were frequently overlooked by the press who stated that she was too big to be part of the ensemble cast of the movies.

And Lawrence’s comments that the make-up procedure not only took around seven or eight hours to complete, but also made her feel more like Mystink than Mystique also indicated that this wasn’t one of the actress’ favorite roles.

Hardcore comic book fans have also tended to be amongst the notorious minority of trolls who took to social media to try and suggest that Lawrence didn’t provide enough danger for the Mystique role. And as Lawrence implied that this year’s X-Men: Apocalypse may be her last movie as Mystique, it’s left many of us questioning how she can follow up such an iconic movie outing.

The previews of her upcoming role in Passengers shows that she’s not afraid to tackle big budget sci-fi movies. And with 2017’s Mother seeing her working with her current beau, Darren Aronofsky, it seems that she could soon be taking a few darker roles.

But regardless of whether Lawrence decides to make a return to the X-Men movies, Mystique is now a huge part of our culture thanks to her movies and the casino games, and there’s little chance that Lawrence will be avoiding the press headlines anytime soon.